Fundamental Analysis Course a two month programme specially designed for all students and professionals that want to focus on the stock market. the basic analysis provides the monetary position of the corporate or monetary depth of the corporate. underneath monetary analysis, we tend to teach about financial statements, funds statements (cash flow statement or fund flow statement), ratios, P & L statement, balance sheet or etc.
Fundamental analysis certification course can assist you to determine|to spot} which sector or section you’ve to enter to take a position by evaluating a security/share or commodity by analysis of the business once identifying the business you’ve to try and do company analysis and identify the company, stock, currency or commodity during which you’ve to take a position or trade

• Types of corporations
• Initial public offer (IPO)
• Efficient Market Hypothesis
• Equity-Holding Pattern Analysis
• Concept of “Time value of Money”

Corporate Terms
• Bonus Shares
• Stock Split
• Rights Issue
• Buy backup of Shares
Company Analysis
• Balance sheet
• Profit and loss statement
• Financial statement
• Cash flow statement
• Analysis of Quarterly Results

• Price / Earnings quantitative relation
• price / book value ratio
• EBITDA quantitative relation
• PEG ratio
• Profitability Ratios
• Leverage Ratios
• Operating Ratios
• Valuation ratio
• Index Valuation
Trader decision
• What is stop loss
• How to set Stop loss
• Relationship between rate of interest change &stock price change
• Interest Rate risk on market

Money Management & Risk Management
• Money management set up
• Risk Management set up
• Rules For Discipline trading

Mind-set of AN investor
• Speculator vs trader vs investor
• The compounding effect t
• will investment work?
• Return on Investment and mercantilism
Portfolio Management
• Stock price vs Business Fundamentals
• Equity analysis
• Systematic Investment planning
• Value investing
• Margin of Safety
• Portfolio Diversification