Technical analysis course for one month programme specially designed for all and professionals and this going to specialise in the securities market trading. which, help to predict the direction of prices within the market. securities market Technical Analysis course helps the study of a graphical window tool for evaluating securities by depending on the market information assumption, like charts of value, volume, and open interest which will facilitate predict future (usually short term) market trends.
Learn technical analysis course to grasp trends line (bullish trends trends, a way to produce trends line, a way to draw trends line or etc), charts (line, bar, candle chats), patterns, indicators, theories or etc. It’s regarding generating tips & tricks by using Technical Analysts believe that they’ll accurately predict the longer term value of a stock by observing its historical value and different technical variables.
• The Beginner’s Technical Analysis course can assist you to grasp all the essential ideas relating to technical analysis and the way to implement identical within the markets to generate consistent profits over the duration of different time slot
• Our 2 month course is meant in such the simplest way that within the very first month we tend to teach the ideas of technical analysis and in the second month we offer mentorship wherever we tend to teach different way to implement identical concept either live live or demo account
• In our Basic course, we tend to not solely target the essential methods to trade the market however conjointly the psychological factors like Risk management, controlling the greed and fear, not allow your emotions impact your trade selections, etc.

• Introduction, Background & Basics
o Technical Analysis as AN Integral a part of market research.
o History of Technical Analysis
• Constructing and analysis charts
o Tools- the development different types of Charts
o Bar chart
o Line chart
o Point & figure chart
o Candlesticks chart
o Candle volume chart
• Trend analysis
o Support and Resistance Lines
o Trends theory – different type
o Direction o Trend lines
o Channel lines
o Support and Resistance Lines
• Chart formations
o Trend reversal formations
• Head and Shoulders and Inverted H&S
• Double tops and Double Bottoms
• Triple tops and Triple Bottoms
• V-tops (spikes) & W form pattern
• Rounded ace and Rounded Bottoms (saucers)
o Trend continuation formation
• Flags
• Pennant
• Triangles
• Wedges
• Diamond pattern
• Triangles primarily based pattern
• Cup & handle pattern
• Breakout Theory
o Breakout – different type
o False price breakout
o Breakout conformation tool
o Conform trade supported different breakout
• Volume and open interest
o Volume & open interest With Support & resistance
o Using open interest to search out bull & bear signal

• Oscillators & Divergence Techniques
o Definition &Role
o Relationship with Underlying Instrument
o Bullish divergence
o Bearish divergence
• Technical analysis indicators(Diversion Based)
o Relative strength index
o Stochastic (%K D)
o Larry William A. Craigie
o Moving average convergence & divergence (MACD)
o MACD Indicator
o Awesome Indicator
o Directional Movement Index (ADX)
o On-balance Volume
o Parabolic (SAR)
o Bollinger band
o Super Trend
• Moving averages
o Definition
o Types of Moving average
o Single Moving average cross with value
o Double crossover
o Triple crossovers
o Multiple crossovers
• Technical theories
o Dow Theory Theories
o Candlestick patterns
o Elliott Wave Principles
o Fibonacci Sequence
o Wolfe wave pattern
 Construction of Wolfe wave
 Logic Behind Wolfe form
 Recognition and target conformation
o What is stop loss
o How to put stop loss
o Stop loss through SAR parabolic
o Stop loss through ATR indicator