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Stock Market Training and

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Stock Market Training and Investment Institute  (SMTII) is devoted in providing best coaching for a career in Investment & Finance. Currently SMTII Education is providing various courses for varsity students, management graduates and working professionals.

It has presence in Chandigarh UT states and additionally coaching students on-line round the globe.

Stock Market Training and Investment Education has numerous local tie-ups to attain its mission.

We felt that there was a requirement for coaching traders and Self-Investors in stock market as nearly ninety-nine percent of retail trader was incurring losses. Initially, our curriculum was designed to cater solely the requirements of traders.

Later, we tend to realised that there was an enormous gap between theoretical finance coaching and real stuff. So, we tend to add a lot of and a lot of courses and kept change coaching methods.

We are in the business of taking individuals from their dream to destiny…

At SMTII, we tend to conduct wonderful technical analysis courses on stock market using world’s best Advanced ‘BUY-SELL’ techniques. These courses will assist you ‘Earn In Lakhs – simple, Safe and sensible way’ in stock market.

The main objective of this firm is to impart securities market related trainings to individuals belonging to any section or any age within the society. Until date SMTII has trained over 100 individuals across the country and have touched lives of thousands of individuals through its extremely impactful coaching programs.

From last many years to currently, we trained individuals in each walks of life and each age bracket. Entrepreneurs & Businessmen, Doctors, Engineers, chartered Accountants, company Executives, Employees, Students, Housewives, Networkers, Sportsmen etc. all WHO want Everlasting Success, Happiness, Peace and personal Growth have been benefitted.

Stock Market Training and Investment Institute have basket of programs like socio-economic class to HNI.

Vision & Mission


  • Lead the industry in the area of the stock market training and investment with integrity, ethics and excellence of learning.
  • Knowledge related to stock market and investment must be free, equal and should be within the reach of everyone so that everyone has fair chance to earn great returns.
  • Interest of investor must be protective first over the interest of all market practice.
  • Follow high ethic principles –regulatory standard for market efficiency and fairness.
  • All serious investor aspire to be a part of SMTII.


“Our mission is to be the premier provider of wide range of quality financial solution in the field of the education of stock market and investment by earning people trust in the most friendly and professional manner”


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    100+ Happy Clients

    " Excellent facilitator,well explained the work,the class was fantastic and facilitator has knowledge and willing to help the student"
    Arun Sihag
    Self Employed

    " Excellent facilitator,well explained the work,the class was fantastic and facilitator has knowledge and willing to help the student"

    What We Offer

    Stock Market Courses
    Mutual Fund and Insurance(Health and Life)
    Wealth Management Services and Financial Planing

    With more than 18 years of knowledge and expertise,Stock Market Training and Investment Institute is one of the best sock market institute that provide best stock market courses in industry